Ruben Sanchez-Janssen


Postdoctoral Research Associate
Ph.D. 2009, Universidad de La Laguna (Spain)
Phone: +1 250-363-6916
E-mail: Ruben [dot] Sanchez-Janssen [at] nrc [dot] ca
Publications: all, refereed
Areas of Interest: Galaxy evolution; galaxy clusters; dwarf galaxies; globular cluster systems; astronomical instrumentation
My primary research goals are directed towards understanding the relative contribution of initial conditions, internal secular mechanisms and environmental effects on galaxy evolution. To this end, I investigate the properties of dwarf and massive galaxies in nearby clusters and groups, making use of a variety of fundamental observables — including luminosity functions, galaxy structural parameters and their scaling relations, and their globular cluster systems. I am a member of the NGVS team, and PI of AVOCADO, a multiwavelength survey of several thousand nearby dwarf galaxies. I am also interested in astronomical instrumentation, with a particular emphasis on widefield, multiobject spectrographs.