Samantha Lawler

Sam Lawler

Plaskett Fellow

Ph.D., 2013, University of British Columbia

Phone: +1 250-363-3012

E-mail: lawler [dot] astro [at] gmail [dot] com

Personal Website:

Areas of Interest: Debris Disks, Exoplanets, Kuiper belt, Dynamics
Samantha is a dynamical modeller with a strong background in optical and infrared observational astronomy. She is interested in the dynamical interactions between planets and debris disks, both in exoplanet systems and in our own Solar System. In our Solar System, the structure of the Kuiper belt gives information about the migration history of the giant planets. In exoplanet systems, we can use the shape of debris disks (dusty disks made by colliding asteroids) to find exoplanets that would otherwise be invisible.