Plaskett Fellowship

The Plaskett Fellowship is awarded to an outstanding, recent doctoral graduate in astrophysics or a closely related discipline. Fellows conduct independent research in a stimulating, collegial environment  at the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory in Victoria, BC, Canada; staff expertise is in observational astrophysics, but we welcome applications from theoreticians whose research requires close interaction with observers. The award is normally for a maximum of three years; the initial appointment for a period of two years may be extended for one further year (subject to performance and availability of funds). There are normally three Plaskett Fellows working at the Observatory in any given year and competitions are held regularly to maintain their number.

Appointees are eligible to apply for Canadian time on ALMA, CFHT,and  Gemini, to use the optical and radio telescopes in Victoria and Penticton, and/or to apply for time on other facilities with open proposal processes. Other facilities available to Plaskett fellows include professionally managed computers and the Canadian Astronomy Data Centre, which archives CFHT, CGPS, Gemini, HST, JCMT and other data, operates the Canadian Virtual Observatory and is home to the CANFAR cloud computing network. Instrumentation for ground- and space-based telescopes is developed on site, and fellows may, if they wish, participate in development or commissioning of new instruments, as well as on science teams.

The Plaskett Fellowship offers a highly competitive salary and benefits package.

Plaskett Fellows


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