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Canada International

  • Map of Canada
  • General information about Canadian culture, weather, government, services for newcomers, adapting to life here etc.

About Canada

  • General information about Canada: history, maps, symbols, government, economy, geography, etc.

Atlas of Canada

  • Maps and geographical information about Canada

Images Canada

  • Images from the collections of archives, libraries, museums and universities from across Canada

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

  • Advice on buying or renting a home; building, renovating & maintaining; mortgage insurance; etc.

Other links

The links in this section lead to sites belonging to entities not subject to the Official Languages Act. Information on these sites is available in the language of the site.

Les liens dans cette section conduisent aux sites d’entités non assujetties à la Loi sur les langues officielles. L’information sur ces sites est disponible dans la langue du site.

Government of British Columbia – Newcomers’ Guide

  • In Canada’s system of government, responsibilities are shared between the federal government (capital city: Ottawa) and provincial and territorial governments.
  • NRC-HIA is based in the province of British Columbia (capital city: Victoria). Services provided by the provincial government include health insurance, driver licensing and education.

Housing in Canada

  • Search for a home online

  • Search for a home online

Multiple Listing Service®

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