Research Interests

Observational astronomy

My research interests cover all aspects of galaxy formation and evolution, particularly in relation to the nearest galaxies and their resolved stellar populations. For the closest systems, we can perform “Galactic Archaeology” and use the positions, dynamics, ages and chemical properties of the resolved stars to reveal the evolution of these galaxies.

I am involved in several large research efforts using the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope, the Gemini Observatories, the Gaia satellite, and other international facilities, aimed at understanding the formation and evolution of our home, the Milky Way, and its neighbours within the Local Group of galaxies.




Astronomical Instrumentation

A major focus of my astronomy interests are in relation to the development of next generation capabilities for Canadian and international astronomy, particularly at optical and infrared (OIR) wavelengths.

In general, I am most interested in any novel ideas that allow for new science to be done that is not otherwise possible using existing instruments, even if these are in areas that are not my primary research interests.

My focus of late is in the development of infrastructure and instrumentation for the Maunakea Observatories, where the majority of Canada’s ground-based OIR resources are based. I am particularly interested in technologies and facilities that enable wide field spectroscopy.




If you are a student and are interested in pursuring research topics in any of these, or related, research interests, please contact me to discuss opportunities.