The 7C Redshift Survey

The 7C Redshift Survey contains every radio source with a low-frequency (151 MHz) flux-density S_151 > 0.5 Jy in three regions of sky covering a total of 0.022 sr. Extensive optical and near-infrared follow-up have provided identifications for all 130 of the sources and redshifts for 90% of them. These data have also allowed the classification of the type of radio source, e.g. quasar, radio galaxy, broad-lined radio galaxy, etc. For the few objects without spectroscopic redshifts, we have obtained multi-colour optical and near-infrared photometry to constrain their redshifts. All of these objects have spectral energy distributions consistent with evolved stellar populations at redshifts in the range
1 < z < 2.

The completion of the 7CRS has allowed extensive studies of the nature and evolution of powerful extragalactic radio sources and their host galaxies. More details can be obtained by following the 7CRS publications link on the left.