Jean-Pierre Véran

Adaptive Optics (AO) Scientist – NRC-HAA AO Team Leader
Ph.D., 1997, École Nationale Supérieure de Télécommunications, Paris
Phone: +1 250-363-0014
Email: Jean-Pierre [dot] Veran [at] nrc-cnrc [dot] gc [dot] ca

My specialty is to develop adaptive optics (AO) systems for astronomy. With my Team, we work with other instrumentation specialists at NRC-HAA to develop cutting-edge AO instruments for Canadian astronomers. We support the entire development cycle of AO instruments, from modelling and design, to testing and commissioning at the telescope. We also maintain strong collaborations with industrial partners and other research groups in Canada and around the world.

Research Interests:
  • Development of advanced AO systems, control systems and AO modeling tools
  • Development of advanced wave-front sensors and reconstruction algorithms
  • Maximizing the scientific outputs of astronomical AO systems
Current Instrumentation Projects:

Research and Development:

The NRC-HAA AO Team is engaged in an ambitious R&D program in AO, including component and system-level developments. Our research is supported by two state-of-the-art laboratories:

The AO Team has also access to the local DAO 1.2-metre McKellar Telescope, which can support on-sky AO experiments.


Our AO research is greatly supported by under-graduate and graduate students. We are always looking for motivated students!