Plaskett Report for April 1932

Again the observing weather was below the average for the month. On 16 nights with 78.8 hours observing, 47 pates were secured. The thirteen-year average for the month shows 17 nights, 98.6 hours observing and 123 plates.

Approximately 370 persons visited the Observatory during the month

DIrector J.S. Plaskett prepared report of the Chairman of the Radial Velocity Committee of the International Astronomical Union and of the Chairman of the Sub-committee on wave-lengths. Work on Volume V, Number3, and the usual correspondence, etc.

[Plaskett left Victoria on April 17, 1932 for San Francisco where he would receive the Bruce Medal from the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Ed.]

Sat, Apr 16, 1932 – 15 · Times Colonist (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada) ·

Assistant Director W.E. Harper observer 4 nights, securing 19 plates. Measured for radial velocity 20. Computed orbit of HR 976 and wrote up three orbits for publication. Compiled table wave-lengths for IAU report and wrote paper on same. Administrative duties one week in Director’s absence. Gave one seminar talk

Astronomer J.A. Pearce observed 3 nights, obtaining 11 spectrograms, measured 15 spectrograms for radial velocity. Completed the orbit HD 19376 with minimum masses 6.9 and 3.7. Obtained provisional elements of HD 39698. Gave one seminar talk on “The Variable Spectrum of HD 217050.

Astronomer C.S. Beals observed 2 nights, obtained 8 plates. Prepared paper on the Audibility of the Aurora and Its Appearance at low atmospheric levels. Began measurement of the total integrated intensities of Pickering series in Wolf-Rayet stars.

Astronomer F.S. Hogg observed 7 nights, secured 9 plates. Measured 6 plates. One Seminar talk. Theoretical work on “Duration of Atomic States” and on “Distribution in Globular Star Clusters”.

Astronomical Assistant T.T. Hutchison assisted in observing on 13 nights. Kept telescope in running order

Computer S.N. Hill did work in connection with measurement and reduction of band spectra. Preparation of radial velocity graphs for reproduction. Measurement for radial velocity of 15 spectra of star Z Ursa Majoris. Working connection with library. Assisting Dr. Pearce in computational work.

Clerk-Stenographer C.M. McGowan handled accounts, reports, correspondence, typing for press, publication, etc.

[An interesting article by a  layperson (Auntie May’s Corner) on the silvering process used for the mirror of  the telescope, Ed,]

Sat, Apr 2, 1932 – 24 · Times Colonist (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada) ·