Plaskett Report for July 1931

The month was slightly better than the average for observing. On 27 nights with a total of 144.2 hours observing 100 plates were secured. The twelve-year average for the month shows 26 nights, 134.8 hours and 189 plates. Local meteorological statistics bear out the excess of clear sky for the month

Approximately 9,011 persons visited the observatory during the month.

[The Victoria Daily Times had an article noting that the budget for DAO had been approved by the Government, Ed.]

Sat, Jul 4, 1931 – 15 · Times Colonist (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada) ·

Director J.S. Plaskett wrote text for Volume V, Number3 on the properties and motions of the interstellar diffuse matter. Reading proof of Volume 3, Number 1 and Number 2. Usual correspondence etc.

Assistant Director W.E. Harper worked 3 nights, securing 21 plates. Measured for radial velocity 60. Determining period of HD 125335 and preliminary elements. Prepared departmental report.

Astronomer J.S. Pearce computed new tables of r the new prism for the following cameras IW, IM, IS. Completed catalogue of 314 velocities of O and B type stars showing interstellar calcium. Completed the notes on the catalogue (Volume V, Number 3) and the statistics of catalogue for publication. Read proof of Volume V, Number 1. Gave one seminar talk.

Astronomer C.S. Beals observed 8 nights, obtaining 16 plates. Made some alterations in photo-electric microphotometer. Spent the month mainly on the study of contours of Wolf Rayet bands. Gave one seminar talk.

Computer S.N. Hill derived Raymond’s revised correction in declination and computed proper motion μ and position angle φ, for B type stars.

Clerk-Stenographer Miss L.M. Blake correspondence, accounts, reports, envelopes for spectra and typing articles for publication. Proof reading.

Astronomer H.H Plaskett observed 5 nights, obtaining 14 plates of high dispersion spectra of nebulae and late type stars. Have made 22 spectra of the sun with complete standardization with the purpose of finding spectrum of solar granulation. Of these 7 show evidence of granulation. Some preliminary measures have been made on Hartmann microphotometer. Prepared and gave one seminar

[Harry Hemley Plaskett was visiting Victoria with his family but managed to find time for work. He also gave a public lecture on the structure of the Universe, Ed.]

Mon, Jul 27, 1931 – 5 · Times Colonist (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada) ·

Astronomical Assistant A. McKellar observed 3 nights obtaining 14 plates. Measured and reduced 60 spectra.f or radial velocity and worked on various minor computations.

Astronomical Assistant R.M. Petrie measured 24 spectrograms. Observed 8 nights securing 35 spectrograms. Calculated dispersion constants and tables.

Astronomical Assistant T.T. Hutchison assisted in observing on 21 nights. Kept telescope in running order.