Plaskett Report for June 1928

The month was just about an average one for observing, there being secured 129 plates on 21 nights with a total of 98.0 hours observing. The nine-year average for the month shows 128 plates on 19 nights with 90.6 hours observing time.

Director J. S. Plaskett was absent on leave

Wed, Jun 6, 1928 – 10 · Times Colonist (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada) ·

Assistant Director W. E. Harper worked 3 nights obtaining 25 plates. Measured for radial velocity 49 plates. Testing out for periods a number of spectroscopic binaries. Gave one seminar talk. Usual administrative duties and correspondence.

Astronomer J. A. Pearce observed 4 nights, obtaining 18 plates. Measured 42 plates.

Fri, Jun 29, 1928 – 7 · Times Colonist (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada) ·

Astronomer C. S. Beals observed 4 nights, obtaining 9 plates. Measured 16 plates for radial velocity. Supervised construction of temporary mounting for 6″ objective and tested field of lens photographically. Began an investigation into the unidentified wave lengths of Wolf Rayet stars. Gave one seminar talk.

Senior Clerk-Stenographer Miss L. M. Blake handled the usual correspondence, accounts, reports and envelopes. Proof read Volume IV, Numbers 5, 7, 8 and 9. Miscellaneous astronomical typing.

Temporary Assitant R. M. Petrie observed on 6 nights obtaining 51 spectrograms. measured 40 spectrograms for radial velocities. Prepared and gave 1 seminar talk. Work on orbits of HR 6696, HR 6709 and HD 199140 and testing periods.

Temporary Assistant P. M. Millman observed 4 nights, obtaining and measuring 26 plates. Deduced period of HD 208947. Gave talk on ‘Causes of Novae’.

Fri, Jun 29, 1928 – 7 · Times Colonist (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada) ·

Instrument Maker Foreman T. T. Hutchison assisted in observing on 14 nights. Kept telescope in working order. Improvised temporary mounting for 6-inch finder.