Plaskett Report for June 1932

The month was a shade above the average for observing. On 20 nights with a total observing time of 94.6 hours 44 plates were secured. The thirteen-year average for the month shows 19 nights and 88.5 hours.

Approximately 931 persons visited the institute during the month.

Professors J.S. Foster and Miss A. Vibert Douglas are spending a month securing plates to study the stark effect in stellar spectra. Nine such plates, included in the above, were secured on two nights.

Director J.S. Plaskett was absent in Ottawa and en route first five days. Preparing address for Pacific Division AAAS. Computations of proper motions of B-type stars. Usual correspondence etc.

[An article in the June 8, 1932 Daily Times lauded Plaskett for  the two awards he received last month. One was an honorary degree from McGill, and the other was the Flavelle medal from the Royal Society of Canada, Ed.]

Wed, Jun 8, 1932 – 13 · Times Colonist (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada) ·

[Also in June, John Draper Plaskett, JSP’s nephew died of appendicitis, just before his 15th birthday. He was the older brother of Joeseph Plaskett, a well-known Canadian artist, Ed]

Tue, Jun 28, 1932 – 13 · Times Colonist (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada) ·

Assistant Director W.E. Harper worked 2 nights securing 5 plates. Measured for radial velocity 19 plates. Prepared one seminar talk. Considerable time spent in experimenting with the direct reading spectrophotometer.

Astronomer J.A. Pearce observed on 4 nights. Obtained 11 spectrograms. Prepared the following papers:-

  1. The spectroscopic orbits of the two Class B stars  HD 29376 and HD 39688.
  2. The coexistence of stellar and interstellar calcium in the spectra of the two stars.
  3. The minimum masses of seven spectroscopic binary stars

Worked two days with Dr. Plaskett computing proper motions of Class B stars.

Astronomer C.S. Beals observed 5 nights. Obtained 12 plates. Spent the month working on the total integrated intensities of emission bands of HD 192163 and lines of P Cygni.

Astronomer F.S. Hogg measured 2 plates for radial velocity. Completed paper for Pullman meeting of AAAS “A test of the Constancy of the Light of the Brighter Stars of M4” Some progress on raster method of spectral sensitometry.

Computer S.N. Hill measured and reduced for radial velocity 17 M type spectra. Worked in connection with measurement and reduction of band spectra. Computing table for reduction of band spectra. Checking data in connection with proper motion calculations.

Astronomical Assistant T.T. Hutchison assisted in observing on 13 nights made some minor repairs to telescope

Clerk-Stenographer C.M. McGowan handled accounts, reports, correspondence, typing and filing.