Plaskett Report for May 1928

The observing weather, one is pleased to report, has been much more favourable than for some time past. On 24 nights, with a total of 134.2 hours observing, 148 plates were secured as against a nine-year average for the month of 21 nights, 101.2 hours and 129 plates.

Director J. S. Plaskett on leave of absence

Assistant Director W. E. Harper worked 5 nights securing 34 plates. Measured for radial velocity 19. Prepared a paper for Royal Society meeting. Administrative duties in absence of Director.

Sat, May 19, 1928 – 15 · Times Colonist (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada) ·

Astronomer J. A. Pearce observed 8 nights, obtaining 74 spectrograms. Measured 35 spectrograms for radial velocity. Gave 1 seminar talk, “Distribution of Stars in H. D. C. [Henry Draper Catalogue, ed.] Prepared 2 abstracts of seminar talks for ‘Journal.’

[J. A. Pearce wrote an article for the JRASC on the DAO Astrophysical Club. He notes that the club started on January 4, 1927 (JD 2424885.4791)., ed.]

Astronomer C. S. Beals observed 8 nights, obtaining 20 plates. Measured 12 plates for radial velocity. Set up grating spectrograph in a temporary mounting and drew up designs for a permanent mounting of the Littrow type.

Astronomical Computer S. N. Hill made card catalogue for C stars from list of HD numbers and B8 stars from HD catalogue. Converting right ascension and declination into latitude and longitude and deriving log b and constant c for stars mentioned above. Computing total proper motion and position angle for B-type stars. Work in connection with the library

Senior Clerk-Stenographer Miss L. M. Blake was preparing envelopes for spectrograms obtained, correspondence, library assistance and accounts. Typed seminar talks for ‘Journal’ and other astronomical addresses.

Temporary Assistant R. M. Petrie observed 3 nights, obtaining 20 spectrograms. Measured 15 spectrograms for radial velocity. Prepared and gave one seminar talk.

Temporary Assistant P. M. Millman observed 1 night – no plates obtained. Measured 2 plates. Work on HD 176818

Instrument Maker Foreman T. T. Hutchison assisted in observing on 16 nights. Minor repairs to the telescope and arranging water connections for the small dark room in dome.