Plaskett Report for May 1932

The month was about an average one for observing. On 23nights with 105.9 hours observing 45 plates were secured Many of them were of long exposure requiring a whole night and in on case two consecutive nights. The thirteen-year average for the month shows 21 nights, 108.2 hours and 122 plates.

Approximately 815 persons visited the institution during the month.

Director J.S. Plaskett prepared address for Pullman meeting of the AAAS. Some little work in connection with Volume V, Number 3, of our publications. Isial administrative duties and correspondence until 20th May, when left for McGill to receive degree and later to attend Royal Society meetings.\

[Plaskett received an honorary degree from McGill in May, 1932. He then received the Flavelle Gold Medal of the Royal Society of Canada in Ottawa.,  Ed.]
Thu, Apr 14, 1932 – 10 · The Gazette (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) ·

Assistant Director W.E. Harper worked 2 nights securing 10 spectra. Measured for radial velocity 27. Prepared three papers for Royal Society meeting and arranged program for Pullman meeting of AAA.S Absent at Royal Society from 23rd until end of month.

Astronomer J.A. Pearce observed on 7 nights, obtained 13 spectrograms, measured 12 spectrograms for radial velocity. Worked on orbit HD 39698. Prepared 2 papers for Royal Society of Canada.

Astronomer C.S. Beals observed 9 nights, obtained 17 plates. Spent month in a spectrophotometric determination of the total integrated line intensities of the bands λλ4200, 4340, 4541 and 4360 in the Wolf-Rayet star HD 192163.

Astronomer F.S. Hogg observed 5 nights obtained 5 plates. Worked on magnitudes of stars in the globular cluster M4. Theoretical work on globular clusters.

Astronomical Assistant T.T. Hutchison assisted in observing on 13½ nights. Kept telescope in running order.

Computer S.N. Hill measured and reduced for radial velocity 20 M-type spectra. Preparation of 5 diagrams for reproduction. Work in connection with measurement and reduction of band spectra.

Clerk-Stenographer C.M McGowan handled accounts, reports, correspondence, miscellaneous typing, filing, etc.

[Robert Methven Petrie received his PhD from the University of Michigan this month. Petrie worked two summers at the Observatory as an astronomical assistant. He would be hired by the Observatory and go on to become the Director in 1951, Ed.]

Wed, May 25, 1932 – 15 · Times Colonist (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada) ·