John Hutchings

After 43 years on the science staff of DAO/HIA/NRC-Herzberg I am now on part-time contract, with the same work and contact coordinates.

My principal activites in this role are in future facilities for Canada, as follows:

1. Canadian lead and member of the ISRO UVIT instrument team for the Astrosat observatory. The project is in final integration, test, and preparation for launch. I am involved in instrument and science planning activites. Canada will have 5% guaranteed proposal time for the mission.

2. Involvement in teamwork for CASTOR, Astro-H, ngCFHT and continuing work with the JWST team, since stepping down from being Canadian project scientist.

3. Chairing the LRP implmentation committee, to advise on evolving opportunities and priorities for the decade, both on ground and in space. This includes membership in the TMT planning committee.

I continue reduced research activity, but ongoing work on massive stars, X-ray binaries, AGN, and distant universe.