NRC Herzberg hosts several seminar series in both Victoria (DAO) and Penticton (DRAO) on astronomical research topics relevant to our staff. All of these seminars are open to all of our staff and on-site visitors. For more information about each seminar series, including schedules, speaker information and talk abstracts, please follow the links below.

DAO Astronomy Colloquium

The DAO Astronomy Colloquium is usually held in Victoria’s Large Conference Room every Tuesday at 11am from September through April. Given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, presentations are held virtually and live-broadcast through Zoom for our staff as well as our colleagues at UVic and elsewhere. This series features speakers invited from institutions around the world. For the Fall and Winter of 2020, the DAO colloquium series is organized by Abedin Abedin, Matt Taylor, and Tyrone Woods.

DRAO Seminar Series

The DRAO Seminar Series is held in the Arthur Covington Lecture Room in Penticton, featuring speakers invited from institutions around the world. For the summer of 2020, this seminar series is organized by Mehrnoosh Tahani.

DAO Science Tea Series

DAO Science Tea is an informal seminar series usually held in Victoria’s 3rd Floor Library at 3pm on Thursdays. Doughnuts are provided, but bring your own tea! This series features local researchers (including students) or researchers visiting HAA. If you or your visitor would like to present in this series, please contact the Science Tea Organizer, James Di Francesco.