Archived DAO Colloquium Schedules

Spring 2019

DateSpeakerTitle / Topic (Click for poster/abstract)
Tues Jan 8No seminar(AAS week)
Tues Jan 15Hope How-Huan Chen (UT Austin)Coherent Structures and Star Formation: An Updated Story of Islands of Calmness in a Sea of Turbulence
Tues Jan 22Renee Hlozek (Toronto)The Photometric LSST Astronomical Time Series Classification Challenge
Tues Jan 29Andrew Cumming (McGill)Formation and evolution of gas giant planets and exoplanets
Tues Feb 5Robyn Sanderson (UPenn)Insights into dark matter from the stellar halos of galaxies
Tues Feb 12Seminar cancelled due to weather.
Tues Feb 19Seminar cancelled.
**Thurs Feb 21**Rory Barnes (U. Washington)After the Habitable Zone
Tues Feb 26Laura Fissel (NRAO)Studying star formation from the stratosphere
Tues Mar 5Sam Lawler (NRC/DAO)Discoveries and Observation Biases in the Outer Solar System: Don’t Count Your Planets Before They Hatch
Tues Mar 12Angie Wolfgang (Penn State)What’s Next for Super-Earths? Population Demographics To Probabilistic Planetary Physics
Tues Mar 19John Tobin (NRAO)Revolutionizing our View of Disk and Multiple Star Formation: New Frontiers Explored by ALMA and the VLA
**Wed Mar 20**Yuan-Sen Ting (Princeton)Milky Way, machine learning, big data
Tues Mar 26Will Percival (Waterloo)Making cosmological measurements with standard rulers and standard shapes
Tues Apr 2Ruobing Dong (UVic)Observational planet formation
Tues Apr 9Wes Fraser (NRC)
Tues Apr 16No seminar
Tues Apr 23Abedin Abedin (NRC)
Tues Apr 30TBD

Fall 2018

DateSpeakerTitle / Topic (Click for poster/abstract)
Tues Sep 11Eric Murphy (NRAO Charlottesville) A next generation Very Large Array
Tues Sep 18Jean-Luc Margot (UCLA) Probing planetary interior structure and processes with high-precision rotation measurements
Tues Sep 25Beth Willman (AURA) Near-Field Cosmology with Local Volume LMC Stellar-Mass Galaxies
**Thurs Sep 27** (3pm)Andrea Bellini (STScI) Globular clusters: multiple stellar populations and internal kinematics
**Fri Sep 28**Else Starkenburg (AIP; Leibniz
Institute for Astrophysics)
 Observing the Pristine Galaxy
Tues Oct 2Holger Baumgardt (U. Queensland) Searching for the smallest-mass supermassive black holes
Tues Oct 9Robert Andrassy (U. Victoria) 3D convection in massive stars: From the main sequence to core collapse
Tues Oct 16Toby Brown (McMaster) The Life Cycle of Nearby Galaxies: internal and external processes regulating their gas content
Tues Oct 23Jessie Christiansen (NExScI / Caltech) Ten Thousand Pieces of Blue Sky: Building towards the complete picture of exoplanet demographics
Tues Oct 30Marcel Pawlowski (UC Irvine) Dark Matter and the Dance of Dwarf Galaxies
Tues Nov 6Nina Hernitschek (Caltech) A Machine-Learning View of our Milky Way
Tues Nov 13Sungsoon Lim (HAA) Ultra-Diffuse Galaxies and Their Origins
Tues Nov 20Megan Ansdell (UC Berkeley) Things that go “dip” in the night: from disintegrating planets to alien megastructures
Tues Nov 27Michael Cushing (Toledo) Hunting for Cool Brown Dwarfs with WISE
Tues Dec 4Kevin France (CU Boulder) Ultraviolet Spectroscopy from Suborbital and SmallSat Platforms: Little NASA Missions Supporting Big NASA Observatories and Bigger Science
** Wed Dec 19, 11 am **Nathalie Ouellette (iREx / U. Montréal) Disentangling Scaling Relations in the Virgo Cluster

Spring 2018

DateSpeakerTitle / Topic (Click for poster/abstract)
Tues Jan 9Nienke van der Marel (NRC/DAO)“The ALMA revolution of planet formation: structures of gas and dust in planet-forming disks”
Tues Jan 16Rebecca Jensen-Clem (UC Berkeley)“Probing the atmospheres of exoplanets and brown dwarfs with near-IR polarimetry”
Tues Jan 23Alex Hill (UBC/DRAO) “Ionization of the warm (magneto)ionized medium”
Tues Jan 30Adrian Price-Whelan (Princeton) “Very wide binaries and comoving stars in the Gaia era”
Tues Feb 6Jocelyn Read (Cal State Fullerton) “Measuring the neutron-star equation of state with GW170817”
Tues Feb 13Reka Winslow (U. New Hampshire)“Coronal mass ejection evolution and effects on galactic cosmic rays and planetary magnetospheres”
Tues Feb 20Leslie Rogers (U. Chicago) “The diversity and demographics of distant rocky worlds”
Tues Feb 27Kelsi Singer (SwRI) “From craters to cyrovolcanoes—Recent results from the New Horizons mission to Pluto and the Kuiper Belt”
Tues Mar 6Evan Scannapieco (ASU) “The rise and fall of galaxies”
Tues Mar 13Tessa Vernstrom (Dunlap) “The faint extragalactic radio background”
Tues Mar 20Brenda Matthews (NRC/DAO) “Debris disks and their connection to planets: Surveys and resolved imaging”
Tues Mar 27Louise Edwards (Cal Poly SLO) “Today’s largest galaxies: Examining the growth of local brightest cluster galaxies using IFU kinematics and stellar populations”
Tues Apr 3Vincent Henault-Brunet (NRC/DAO) “Mass modelling globular clusters: from black holes to low-mass stars”
Tues Apr 10Guillaume Thomas (NRC/DAO) “Testing the dark matter and alternative gravity theories with the stellar streams of the Milky Way”
Tues Apr 17Lisa Locke (NRC/DAO) “Phased Array Feeds etc.: Musings from the mm Instrumentation Group”

Fall 2017

DateSpeakerTitle / Topic
Tues. Sep. 5Henry Ngo (NRC/DAO)“Planet Formation and Migration in Extreme Planetary Systems”
Tues. Sep. 12Jessica Werk (UW)“Circumgalactic Matter Matters”
Tues. Sep. 19Dan Werthimer (UC Berkeley/SETI)“Is Anyone Out There? SETI@home and the Breakthrough Listen Project”
Tues. Sep. 26Yashar Hezaveh (Stanford)“The Future of Mapping Dark Matter Structures with Strong Gravitational Lensing, New Surveys, and Machine Learning”
Tues. Oct. 3Yancy Shirley (U. Arizona)“Studying the Earliest Phase of Massive Star and Cluster Formation – the Properties of Massive Starless Clump Candidates in the Milky Way”
Tues. Oct. 10*** No seminar ****** No seminar ***
Tues. Oct. 17Hannah Jang-Condell (U. Wyoming)“From Protoplanetary Disks to Exoplanets: How Do Planets Form and Evolve?”
Tues. Oct. 24Karin Sandstrom (UC San Diego)“Interstellar Dust at Low Metallicity”
Tues. Oct. 31Charli Sakari (UW)“Unraveling the Chemical Evolution of Galaxies Beyond the Milky Way with Integrated Light Spectroscopy of Globular Clusters”
Tues. Nov. 7Courtney Dressing (UC Berkeley)“Exploring Planetary Systems Orbiting Cool Dwarfs”
Tues. Nov. 14Alessandro Boselli (LAM)“The role of the environment on galaxy evolution and the VESTIGE survey”
Tues. Nov. 21Bruce Macintosh (Stanford)“The Gemini Planet Imager”
Tues. Nov. 28Kevin Covey (Western Washington)“Surveying the kinematics, multiplicity, and star formation histories of low-mass stars & Milky Way clusters with APOGEE”

Spring 2017

Jan 10Gary Mamon (IAP)
Jan 17Alina Kiessling (JPL)
Jan 24Chris Pritchet (UVic)
Jan 31Cameron Yozin (UVic) ** cancelled **
Feb 7Karin Sandstrom (UC San Diego)
Feb 14Erik Rosolowsky (U. Alberta)
Feb 21Ian Shelton (Mount Allison)
Feb 28Marc Buie (SwRI)
Mar 7Sean Couch (Michigan State)
Mar 14Catherine Espaillat (Boston)
Mar 21Jessica Werk (UW)
Mar 28Tim Davidge (NRC/DAO)
Apr 4Matthew Payne (CfA/Harvard)
Apr 11Jaime Pineda (MPE)
Apr 18Dan Weisz (UC Berkeley)
Apr 25Renu Malhotra (U. Arizona)

Fall 2016

Sep 06Gwen Eadie (McMaster)
Sep 13Matthew Taylor (Universidad Catolica)
Sep 20Quinn Konopacky (UC San Diego)
Sep 27Lucas Macri (Texas A&M)
Oct 04Jo Bovy (Toronto)
Oct 11Keith Vanderlinde (Dunlap)
Oct 18Tuan Do (UCLA)
Oct 25Sean Andrews (CfA/Smithsonian)
Nov 01Marta Volonteri (IAP) ** cancelled **
Nov 08Daniel Tamayo (Toronto)
Nov 15Adam Ginsburg (NRAO)
Nov 22Benoit Cote (UVic) ** cancelled **
Nov 29Katherine Kretke (SwRI)
Dec 06Meredith Rawls (UW)
Dec 13Paul Scholz (NRC/DRAO)

Spring 2016

Jan 19Karin Oberg (CfA)
Jan 26Etsuko Mieda (NRC/DAO)
Feb 02Nitya Kalliayalil (U. Virginia)
Feb 09Richard Shaw (UBC)
Feb 16David Nesvorny (SwRI)
Feb 23Julie Hlavacek-Larrondo (UdM)
Mar 01Cara Battersby (CfA)
Mar 08Laura Sales (UC Riverside)
Mar 15Michael Cooper (UC Irvine)
Mar 22Betsy Mills (U. Arizona)
Mar 29Emily Levesque (UW)
Apr 05Will Grundy (Lowell)
Apr 12Brett Gladman (UBC)
Apr 19Linda Strubbe (UBC)
Apr 26Anil Seth (U. Utah)
May 03David Reitze (Caltech)
May 24Sun Kwok (Hong Kong)

Fall 2015

Sep 15Mary Beth Laychak (CFHT)
Sep 17Melissa Graham (UC Berkeley)
Sep 22Dennis Crabtree (NRC/DAO)
Sep 29Dustin Lang (CMU/Waterloo)
Oct 06Elisabeth Mills (NRAO)
Oct 13Roberto Abraham (Toronto)
Oct 20David Gerdes (U. Michigan)
Oct 27Ruth Murray-Clay (UC Santa Barbara)
Nov 03Andrew Connolly (UW)
Nov 10Jake Vanderplas (UW)
Nov 17Jeffrey Fung (UC Berkeley)
Nov 24Nicholas McConnell (NRC/DAO)
Dec 01Gurtina Besla (U. Arizona)
Dec 08Sarah Martell (UNSW)

Spring 2015

Jan 27Mark Krumholz (UCSC)
Feb 03Jessica Lu (IfA)
Feb 10Josh Eisner (U. Arizona)
Feb 17Aaron Boley (UBC)
Feb 24Michael Rupen (NRC/DAO) ** cancelled **
Mar 03Scott Chapman (Dalhousie)
Mar 09Joe Masiero (JPL)
Mar 17Meredith Hughes (Wesleyan)
Mar 24Paul Schechter (MIT)
Mar 31Lynne Hillenbrand (Caltech)
Apr 07Mariska Kriek (UC Berkeley)
Apr 14Kaitlin Kratter (U. Arizona)
Apr 21Karun Thanjavur (UVic)
Apr 28Chat Hull (CfA)

Fall 2014

Sep 02Elisa Toloba (UCO/Lick)
Sep 03Guillermo Barro (UCO/Lick)
Sep 09Luca Ricci (Caltech)
Sep 16
Sep 23Eric Ford (Penn State)
Sep 30Luc Simard (NRC/DAO)
Oct 09Steve Majewski (U. Virginia)
Oct 14Jon Swift (Caltech)
Oct 21Luke Dones (SwRI)
Oct 23Herzberg Jamboree
Oct 28
Nov 04Florian Beutler (LBNL)
Nov 11No seminar scheduled (holiday)
Nov 18Alis Deason (UCO/Lick)
Nov 20Shep Doeleman (MIT Haystack)
Nov 25Claire Chandler (NRAO)
Dec 02Rachel Friesen (Dunlap)
Dec 09Kristine Spekkens (Queen’s)
Dec 15cancelled

Spring 2014

Jan 14Arianna Di Cintio
Jan 21John Wise
Jan 28Alyson Brooks
Feb 04Mike Landry
Feb 11Rita Mann (NRC/DAO)
Feb 18Luisa Rebull
Feb 25Chris Friar
Mar 04Christine Wilson (McMaster)
Mar 11Rachel Mason
Mar 18Juan Collar
Mar 25Sam Lawler (NRC/DAO)
Apr 01Karun Thanjavur (UVic)
Apr 15Rachel Mason
Apr 17Nienke van der Marel
Apr 22Scott Sheppard
May 06Philip Kronberg
May 20Kevin Steels

Fall 2013

Sep 17   Chris Stubbs
Sep 24   Hilke Schlichting
Oct 01   Donald Morton
Oct 08   Helen Kirk (NRC/DAO)
Oct 17   James Bullock (UC Irvine)
Oct 22   Riccardo Giovanelli
Oct 29   Ruben Sanchez-Janssen (NRC/DAO)
Nov 05   Michele Bannister (UVic)
Nov 12   Katherine Alatalo
Nov 19   Nitya Kallivayalil ** cancelled **
Nov 26   Diana Dragomir
Dec 03   Andy Becker
Dec 10   Inger Jorgensen

Spring 2013

Jan 29   Asa Bluck (UVic)
Feb 05   Miguel Morales
Feb 12   Jorge Moreno (UVic)
Feb 19   Erin Bonning
Feb 26   Jonathan Williams
Mar 05   Mike Boylan-Kolchin
Mar 12   Alex Kim
Mar 21   Tony Tyson
Mar 26   David Wilner
Apr 09   Joern Geisbeusch
Apr 16   Wes Traub
Apr 23   Paul Kalas
Apr 25   Yin-Zhe MA
Apr 30   Graca Roca
May 14   Brian McNamara (U. Waterloo)
May 21   Mubdi Rahman

Fall 2012

Aug 28   Andrea Kunder (CTIO)
Sep 04   Jennifer Karr (ASIAA) / Hiro Takami (ASIAA)
Sep 11   No Seminar Scheduled
Sep 18   Nicholas Ball (NRC/DAO)
Sep 25   Chris Reynolds (U. Maryland)
Oct 02   Ben Mazin (UC Santa Barbera)
Oct 09   Matthijs van der Wiel (U. Lethbridge)
Oct 16   Charlie Conroy (UC Santa Cruz)
Oct 23   Sarah Ballard (UW)
Oct 30   Susan Terebey (California State)
Nov 07   Shelley Wright (Dunlap)
Nov 13   Wesley Traub (JPL)
Nov 20   Norman Murray (CITA)
Nov 27   Tim Beers (NOAO)
Dec 04   Tim Robishaw (NRC/DRAO)

Spring 2012

Jan 17   David Tsang (Caltech)
Jan 24   Else Starkenburg (UVic)
Jan 31   Tommaso Treu (UC Santa Barbara)
Feb 07   Federica Bianco (LCOGT)
Feb 14   No Seminar Scheduled
Feb 23   Crystal Martin (UC Santa Barbara)
Feb 28   Scott Schnee (NRAO)
Mar 06   Trevor Mendel (UVic)
Mar 14   Stephen Kane (Caltech)
Mar 22   Peter Yoachim (UW)
Mar 27   Martin Bureau (U. Oxford)
Apr 03   Lynne Jones (UW)
Apr 10   Wes Fraser (NRC/DAO)
Apr 17   John Tobin (NRAO)
Apr 24   James Graham (Dunlap)
May 11   Faith Vilas (U. Arizona)
Jun 11   Giuseppina Battaglia (ESO/INAF)
Jun 14   Jeremy Mould (NOAO)

Fall 2011

Sep 13   Sarah Loebman (UW)
Sep 20   Bob Rood (U. Virginia)
Sep 27   Kate Su (Steward)
Oct 04   Sarah Brough (AAO)
Oct 05   Gary Sanders (TMT Project Manager)
Oct 11   Uma Gorti (SETI)
Oct 17   James Truran (U. Chicago) ** cancelled **
Oct 18   Henrik Beuther (MPIA)
Oct 25   Gregory Sivakoff (U. Alberta)
Nov 01   Steven Allen (Stanford)
Nov 08   Ray Jayawardhana (U. Toronto) ** cancelled **
Nov 15   Pascale Jablonka (EPFL / Observatoire de Paris)
Nov 22   Gunther Hasinger (IfA)
Nov 29   Andrew Youdin (CfA)
Dec 06   Beth Willman (Haverford)
Dec 13   Chung-Pei Ma (UC Berkeley)

Spring 2011

Jan 05   Preethi Nair (U. Toronto/INAF)
Jan 17   Danilo Marchesini (Tufts)
Jan 26   Evgenya Shkolnik (DTM)
Feb 01   Charles Lawrence (JPL)
Feb 08   Cassie Fallscheer (UVic/NRC)
Feb 15   Rita Mann (NRC/DAO)
Feb 22   Ingrid Stairs (UBC)
Mar 08   Matt Walker (CfA)
Mar 15   Ata Sarajedini (U. Florida)
Mar 22   Sean M. Andrews (CfA)
Apr 05   John Dubinski (U. Toronto)
Apr 12   Eric Bell (U. Michigan)
Apr 19   Jon Willis (UVic)
Apr 26   John Carpenter (Caltech)
May 03   Bill McKinnon (St. Louis)
May 10   Richard de Grijs (UPeking/KIAA)

Fall 2010

Sep 14   Emily Schaller (U. Arizona)
Sep 20   Hendrik Hildebrandt (UBC)
Sep 21   Carol Lonsdale & Mark McKinnon (ALMA)
Sep 28   David Jewitt (UCLA)
Oct 05   Meridith Hughes (UC Berkeley)
Oct 07   Ricardo Munoz (Yale)
Oct 12   Mark Booth (Cambridge/DAO)
Oct 19   Jason Rowe (NASA Ames)
Oct 26   Andrew Benson (Caltech)
Nov 02   Lee Hartmann (U. Michigan)
Nov 09   Michele Cantiello (INAF)
Nov 16   No Seminar Schedule (CFHT Users Meeting in Taipei)
Nov 23   Guy Worthey (WSU)
Nov 30   Lisa Kewley (U. Hawaii)
Dec 07   Kristin Woodley (UBC)
Dec 09   James Di Francesco (NRC/DAO)
Dec 14   Sean Dougherty (NRC/DRAO)