Stéphanie Côté


[/ezcol_1third][ezcol_2third_end] Senior Astronomer
MSc Université de Montréal 1990
PhD Mt Stromlo Observatory, Australian National University, 1995
ESO Fellow, Garching 1995-1997, Plaskett Fellow, DAO 1997-1999
1999- Canadian Gemini Office Support Astronomer
2007- Head of the Canadian Gemini Office

Phone: +1 250-363-0026
Areas of Interest: Dwarf galaxies, galaxy formation and evolution, galaxy dynamics, telescope operations
Steph’s research interests have included: dwarf galaxy surveys (in neutral hydrogen and optical); galaxy kinematics and dark matter; low surface-brightness galaxies; star formation in galaxies; chemical abundances of dwarf galaxies; and even quasar absorption lines. These days she has a keen interest in transition dwarf galaxies, which properties are in-between those of dwarf spheroidal and dwarf irregular galaxies, and which she is sure hold the keys to all dwarf galaxy formation and evolution. She studies nearby dwarf galaxies mostly using the Gemini telescopes, but has also been Principal Investigator on projects with various other telescopes
such as the Hubble Space Telescope, the Very Large Array (radio) and JCMT (submillimiter), to name a few.