Plaskett Report for August 1923

The observing weather has been very good during the month, 150 spectrograms having been obtained on 28 nights. One 5 of these nights only 4 spectrograms were obtained owing to long exposures of from 6 to 13 hours. Office work has been considerably delayed by absence of three members of the staff on leave and for illness

[The Observatory was a popular place to visit and in 1923 there was an electric railway that had a stop at the foot of Observatory Hill. The BC Electric Railway advertised for trips to a few destinations including the Observatory, Ed]

Tue, Aug 14, 1923 – 2 · The Victoria Daily Times (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada) ·
Director J. S. Plaskett obtained 27 spectrograms on 6 nights and measured 23 spectrograms for radial velocity. Prepared for publication a paper on the “The Spectroscopic Orbit of BD +56 2617” and also paper for Popular Science Monthly on the massive star BD +6 1309. Considerable time was occupied in preparing a preliminary discussion of results from O-type stars for presentation in California. Also the usual administrative work and correspondence.

[Plaskett attended the AAS meeting in San Diego and was hoping to catch the total solar eclipse, Ed.]

Wed, Aug 1, 1923 – 1 · The Victoria Daily Times (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada) ·

Research Astronomer W. E. Harper obtained 17 spectrograms on 2 nights. He continued the work on absolute magnitude with the preparation of results for publication. Absent most of the month with holiday leave and illness.

Astronomer R. K. Young obtained 19 spectrograms on 3 nights. Continued work on absolute magnitude with the preparation of the final results. Absent on leave after August 11.

Astronomer H. H. Plaskett obtained 9 spectrograms on 5 nights including 3 long exposure spectra. He measured and computed wave lengths on 4 spectrograms. Experimental and adjustment work with etalon. Further investigational work on nebular spectra. Six days of holiday leave.

Observing Assistant W. H. Christie obtained 77 spectrograms on 11 nights and measured 28 spectrograms for radial velocity. Completed the card catalogue up to 17 hours in right ascension and commenced work on the provisional orbit of a spectroscopic binary.

Clerk-Stenographer Miss H. R. Keay handled the usual correspondence, reports, plates, accounts. Read the proof of Volume II, Numbers 10 and 11. Typed Volume II, Number 14 and two scientific articles. Continued work on copying record of publications received. On holiday leave for 5 ½ days.

Instrument Maker Foreman T. T, Hutchison assisted with night observing on 21 nights. Usual repair and maintenance work on telescope and dome.