Plaskett Report for December 1932

The observing weather was considerably above the average for the month, especially during the first half when there were nights averaging thirteen hours each. On 15 nights, with 143.4 hours observing, 91 plates were secured. The thirteen-year average shows 9 nights and 62.8 hours.

Approximately 147 persons visited the observatory during the month, making a total for the year of 13,250, as compared with 24,840 last year and 39,027 for the peak year, 1929.

Director J.S. Plaskett computed mean parallaxes of O to B7 stars with rearrangement of material for new general solution and preparation of normal equations. Usual administrative work.

[Plaskett’s wife was Rebecca (Reba) Hope Hemely. Their niece, a daughter of Reba’s sister, visited in December, Ed.]

Tue, Dec 6, 1932 – 6 · Times Colonist (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada) ·

Assistant Director W.E. Harper observed on 6 nights, securing 61 plates. Measured for radial velocity 62. Translation of article in German on zeta Aurigae

Astronomer J.A. Pearce observed 2 nights, obtaining 6 plates. Computations in connection with the motions of the O and B type stars. Mean parallaxes were deduced from proper motions. Final general solution for solar motion and galactic rotation from 850 stars commenced. Gave one seminar talk.

Astronomer C.S. Beals observed 4 nights, obtaining 17 plates. Finished work on Wolf Rayet band contours and began work on total intensities. Gave one seminar talk.

[The Beals entertained the staff of the Observatory at their home in December, Ed.]

Fri, Dec 16, 1932 – 6 · Times Colonist (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada) ·

Astronomer F.S. Hogg observed 3 nights, securing 7 plates. Measured 7 plates for radial velocity. Worked on intensities and structure of bands of TiO in M stars. Distribution in space of cluster type cepheids. Gave one seminar talk.

Computer S.N. Hill assisting Dr. Beals in measurement and reduction of band spectra ad in preparation of drawings for publication. Work in connection with library.

Clerk-Stenographer Miss L.M. Blake handled correspondence, accounts, reports, and usual typing. Proof-reading and library assistance

Astronomical Assistant T.T. Hutchison assisted in observing on 11 nights. Made alterations in arrangement of certain coils in telescope.