Plaskett Report for November 1928

The weather continued poor for securing observations. On 10 nights with a total of 68.8 hours, 62 plates were secured. The nine-year average for the month is 11 nights, 80 hours and 93 plates. As usual in such broken weather, the dome was opened on several other nights but no usable observations were secured.

Approximately 193 persons visited the observatory during the month.

[A full-page article on a proposed new telescope with a 200-inch diameter mirror appeared in the Nov. 17, 1928 Victoria Daily Times. The telescope would finally open in 1948 on Mt. Palomar in California, Ed.]

The mounting for the six-inch finder was completed and the telescope attached to the tube of the 72-inch telescope. Piers for sundial and small telescope were also erected.

Director J. S. Plaskett measured 41 spectrograms for radial velocity. Prepared for one seminar and two lectures. Discussion of observations and work of staff. Handled the usual correspondence, etc.

Assistant Director W. E. Harper worked 2 nights, securing 11 plates. Measured 28 for radial velocity. Read the literature on “M-type Giants” and “Magellanic Clouds” and gave seminar addresses on these. Also prepared address on “Observatory Work in Canada” for Nanaimo Canadian Club.

Astronomer J. A. Pearce observed 4 nights, obtaining 28 plates. Compiled catalogue of Southern O to B stars with published radial velocity N.P.D. > 110° – 270 stars. With transit observed sun to determine a meridian for the sundial. Prepared and gave 1 staff talk on “Systematic Corrections to Parallaxes”.

Astronomer C. S. Beals was absent on sick leave and annual leave from November 1st to 24th inclusive.  The week of 2th-30th inclusive was spent in arranging data on Wolf-Rayet stars.

Astronomer R. O. Redman obtained 23 plates on 4 nights. 21 for the K programme for galactic rotation and 2 for the B programme. Remeasured 28 plates of Y Cygni. Commenced short investigation into the methods used for determining the absolute magnitudes of K giants. Gave one seminar talk.

Computer S. N. Hill measured and reduced 3 B-type spectrograms for radial velocity. Plotted B-type star positions on Aiteff’s equal area projection of the sphere. Derived galactic coordinates from α and δ for B stars. Computed least-squares solutions with reference to Lick Observatory observations, solar motion and K term, in order to recover  their method of weighting. Work in connection with establishing azimuth for sundial.

Clerk-Stenographer Miss L. M. Blake handled the usual correspondence, envelopes for spectrograms, reports and accounts. Type radio and seminar talks and other astronomical addresses. Read proof of Volume IV, Number 12. Typed and prepared for printing Volume IV, Number 13.

Instrument Maker Foreman T. T. Hutchison assisted in observing on 6 nights. Assisted in attaching 6″ finder on telescope and aligning piers for small telescope and sundial.