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Astronomy Seminar Series

Large Conference Room, Victoria

Tuesdays at 11am unless otherwise indicated

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Fall 2016

Date Speaker Title / Topic
Tues. Sept. 6 Gwen Eadie (McMaster) The Milky Way Galaxy: Inferring the Dark Matter from the Light
Tues. Sept. 13 Matthew Taylor (Universidad Catolica) The Extended Globular Cluster System of NGC5128 and its Nearby Environment
Tues. Sept. 20 Quinn Konopacky (UC San Diego) Constraining Planet Formation with Directly Imaged Exoplanets
Tues. Sept. 27 Lucas Macri (Texas AM) The Hubble Constant in the Era of Precision Cosmology
Tues. Oct. 4 Jo Bovy (Toronto) Galaxy Evolution at High Resolution: the New View of the Milky Way
Tues. Oct. 11 Keith Vanderlinde (Dunlap Institute) low-frequency radio instrumentation, large-scale structure
Tues. Oct. 18 Tuan Do (UCLA) next-generation integral-field spectroscopy, galaxy nuclei
Tues. Oct. 25 Sean Andrews (CfA/Smithsonian) protoplanetary disks and planet formation
Tues. Nov. 1 Marta Volonteri (IAP) formation of the first galaxies and black holes
Tues. Nov. 8 Daniel Tamayo (Toronto) dynamics of young planetary systems
Tues. Nov. 15 Adam Ginsburg (NRAO) massive star and cluster formation
Tues. Nov. 22 Benoit Cote (UVic) chemical evolution of Milky Way
Tues. Nov. 29 Katherine Kretke (SWRI) solar system and planetary system formation
Tues. Dec. 6 Tim Davidge (NRC Herzberg) evolution of nearby galaxies
Tues. Dec. 13 Paul Scholz (DRAO) pulsars, fast radio bursts