Current seminar schedule

Astronomy Seminar Series

Large Conference Room, Victoria

Tuesdays at 11am unless otherwise indicated

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Fall 2017

Date Speaker Title / Topic
Tues. Sep. 5 Henry Ngo (NRC/DAO) “Planet Formation and Migration in Extreme Planetary Systems”
Tues. Sep. 12 Jessica Werk (UW) “Circumgalactic Matter Matters”
Tues. Sep. 19 Dan Werthimer (UC Berkeley/SETI) “Is Anyone Out There? SETI@home and the Breakthrough Listen Project”
Tues. Sep. 26 Yashar Hezaveh (Stanford) “The Future of Mapping Dark Matter Structures with Strong Gravitational Lensing, New Surveys, and Machine Learning”
Tues. Oct. 3 Yancy Shirley (U. Arizona) “Studying the Earliest Phase of Massive Star and Cluster Formation – the Properties of Massive Starless Clump Candidates in the Milky Way”
Tues. Oct. 10 *** OFF *** *** OFF ***
Tues. Oct. 17 Hannah Jang-Condell (U. Wyoming) “From Protoplanetary Disks to Exoplanets: How Do Planets Form and Evolve?”
Tues. Oct. 24 Karin Sandstrom (UC San Diego) TBA
Tues. Oct. 31 Charli Sakari (UW) TBA
Tues. Nov. 7 Courtney Dressing (UC Berkeley) TBA
Tues. Nov. 14 Pat Hall (York) TBA
Tues. Nov. 21 Bruce Macintosh (Stanford) TBA
Tues. Nov. 28 Kevin Covey (Western Washington) TBA