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Astronomy Seminar Series

Large Conference Room, Victoria

Tuesdays at 11am unless otherwise indicated

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Spring 2018

Date Speaker Title / Topic (Click for poster/abstract)
Tues Jan 9 Nienke van der Marel (NRC/DAO)
Tues Jan 16 Rebecca Jensen-Clem (UC Berkeley) “Probing the atmospheres of exoplanets and brown dwarfs with near-IR polarimetry”
Tues Jan 23 Alex Hill (UBC/DRAO)  “Ionization of the warm (magneto)ionized medium”
Tues Jan 30 Adrian Price-Whelan (Princeton)  “Very wide binaries and comoving stars in the Gaia era”
Tues Feb 6 Jocelyn Read (Cal State Fullerton)  “Measuring the neutron-star equation of state with GW170817”
Tues Feb 13 Reka Winslow (U. New Hampshire) “Coronal mass ejection evolution and effects on galactic cosmic rays and planetary magnetospheres”
Tues Feb 20 Leslie Rogers (U. Chicago)  “The diversity and demographics of distant rocky worlds”
Tues Feb 27 Kelsi Singer (SwRI)
Tues Mar 6 Evan Scannapieco (ASU)
Tues Mar 13 Tessa Vernstrom (Dunlap)
Tues Mar 20 Beth Willman (Steward)
Tues Mar 27 Louise Edwards (Cal Poly SLO)
Tues Apr 3 Vincent Henault-Brunet (NRC/DAO)
Tues Apr 10 Guillaume Thomas (NRC/DAO)