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Astronomy Seminar Series

Large Conference Room, Victoria

Tuesdays at 11am unless otherwise indicated

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Spring 2017

Date Speaker Title / Topic
Tues. Jan. 10 Gary Mamon (IAP) “Galaxies in Small Isolated Dense Environments: The Nature, Properties and Formation of Compact Groups”
Tues. Jan. 17 Alina Kiessling (JPL) “Measuring the Geometry of the Universe with Euclid”
Tues. Jan. 24 Chris Pritchet (UVic) “The Progenitors of Type Ia Supernovae”
Tues. Jan. 31 Cameron Yozin (UVic) ** cancelled **
Tues. Feb. 7 Karin Sandstrom (UC San Diego) ** cancelled **
Tues. Feb. 14 Erik Rosolowsky (U. Alberta) “The Care and Feeding of Star Forming Regions”
Tues. Feb. 21 Ian Shelton (Mount Allison) “SN1987A: Thirty Years After”
Tues. Feb. 28 Marc Buie (SwRI) Exploring the Outer Solar System with Occultations
Tues. Mar. 7 Sean Couch (Michigan State) “Frontiers in Massive Stellar Death”
Tues. Mar. 14 Catherine Espaillat (Boston) “Tracking Planet Footprints in Dusty Disks”
Tues. Mar. 21 Jessica Werk (UW) ** cancelled **
Tues. Mar. 28 Tim Davidge (NRC/DAO) “Digging Deep in Young Open Clusters”
Tues. Apr. 4 Matthew Payne (CfA/Harvard)
outer Solar System, Pan-STARRS, “Planet 9”
Tues. Apr. 11 Jaime Pineda (MPE) star formation
Tues. Apr. 18 Dan Weisz (UC Berkeley) resolved stellar populations
Tues. Apr. 25 Renu Malhotra (U. Arizona) solar system, planetary dynamics