CANadian Virtual Astronomy Seminar Series (CANVAS)

CANVAS is a virtual seminar series intended to allow Canadian researchers to share their work with the rest of the Canadian astronomy research community.

The ‘Link’ column in the table below will either be a link to the Zoom meeting for the seminar, or a link to the recorded talk on YouTube for those talks that have already occurred,

There is also a YouTube Channel for the CANVAS series


June 15Tyrone WoodsNRC HerzbergThe origin of the most massive, high-redshift quasarsYouTube
June 22Paul WiegertWesternInterstellar asteroids and comets: what are they and where do they come from?YouTube
June 29Doug JohnstoneNRC HerzbergWhat the Sub-mm Variability of Embedded Protostars Tells Us about Accretion: Past, Present, and FutureYouTube
July 6Sara EllisonVictoriaGas and star formation in the nearby universe with the ALMA-MaNGA QUEnching and STar formation (ALMaQUEST) surveyYouTube
July 13Ryan CloutierHarvardTesting radius valley emergence models around M dwarfs with Kepler, K2, and TESSZoom
July 20Marten van KerkwijkTorontoPlasma Lensing of the Black Widow PulsarZoom
July 27Mainak Singha
ManitobaClose AGN Reference Survey: Characterizing the ionized outflows in Type 1 AGNZoom
August 10Mehrmoosh Tahani
NRC HerzbergZoom